How soon is it ok to date after a break up?

How soon is it ok to date after a break up?

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It happens to the best of us, you are in a long term relationship and after some fighting or lack of communications you find the relationship over. This applies to the end of a relationship or a marriage, There are some suggestions as to when dating again should take place for each. Let’s start with a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. When you start dating again will depend on your strength. There are some women or men that absolutely need to be in a relationship, it gets to a point that it defines who they are. These are people who will break up with a significant other and then in the next couple of days will be out in clubs looking for someone else. You cannot let a relationship define who you are.

If this is your type of personality then what you really need to do is step away from a long term relationship for a month or two. Learn to stand alone. Hang out with your friends more , pick up a hobby or do things that you always wanted to do but it wasn’t the right time when you were dating someone. By standing on your own two feet and not depending on anyone will build your character and it will make you more independent which will also make you take a look at how you want your next relationship to be.

If you are just getting out of a marriage and the marriage did not break up because of a third party, then it may be wise to wait until the divorce is final before you start dating again. You are used to having someone share your life for so long that you need to take time emotionally to get back on your feet. If you start dating too soon and the person really likes you and you discover a month into it that you are not ready then you are running the risk of hurting someone. If you wait until the divorce is finalized which usually takes about 6 months then you should be more than ready to try out the dating scene.

We are not suggesting that you sit home until the papers are finalized but if you meet someone worth pursing take it slow. You don’t want to jump from one relationship to another. Only when you can give your all to someone is the time to look. Don’t rush it and don’t choose someone just for the sake of choosing someone. There is no law that says that you have to be with someone. The truth is that how soon you date after a break up is entirely up to you but we hope that you take some of these points into consideration before you end up getting hurt or hurting someone else.

If you decide to go and find another long term relationship, make sure that you are up front and honest about your past relationships. At least it would be up to that person as well if they want to pursue something.