Diving Courses


Scuba Diver (SD)

If you try the Discover Scuba Diving and you decide that diving is one of the activities you want to
know better, in RODOS DIVE CENTER you can take scuba diver certificate.

You can start from the age of 12 with a two day course which includes theory, dives in the pool and 2
dives in the sea. You become a qualified diver and you can then dive all over the world.

Open Water Diver Course (OWD)

This is your ticket to a lifetime adventure! This course will teach you the knowledge and skills to safely
explore the underwater world.

You will attend dive theory, skills training in our swimming pool, and 4 open water dives. You will be
surprised to see how easy and fun scuba diving is.

After the completion of the course you will be able to dive with a buddy or a dive professional
anywhere in the world.

1. Course duration : 4 days

2. 5 theoretical lessons

3. 4 confined water sessions

4. 4 sea dives

Advanced Open Water Diver Course (AOWD)

Open your dive horizons! This course allows you to explore some of diving's top adventures. This
course consists of 5 adventure dives including a deep and a navigation dive.
You can choose the theme of the rest 3 dives. Multilevel, night diving, wreck diving, search and
recovery and some of the dives you can choose.

1. Course duration: 3 days. All practical,

2. 2 mandatory dives : Deep dive and

underwater navigation

3. 3 further dives which may be discussed

and chosen with the instructor


Peak Performance Bouyancy
Night Diver
Deep Diver
Search and Recovery Diver
Emergency Oxygen Provider
Nitrox Speciality
Digital U/W Photographer

Emergency First Responce (EFR)

The Emergency First Response gives you the knowledge to perform CPR and first aid both to divers
and non divers.

The theory includes self rescue, rescue management, equipment use e.t.c. This course is a requirement
to continue to Rescue diver

1. Course duration: 1 day.

2. Video and practical course.

Rescue Diver Course (RESCD)

Rescue diver course will show you how to perform diver rescues and manage diving The accident
situations both on surface and underwater.

In addition this course will help you feel more confident and will give you the knowledge and
experience to look after divers and their safety.

1. Course duration : 3 days

2. Read modules and complete knowledge reviews.

3. Theoretical lessons.

4. 4 Water sessions.

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